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Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Immagine Prezzo di partenza: Non Disponibile
Immagine Arriva a Pallet Town e in prov. di Catania | Available to travel outside the province
Immagine Ideale per Birthday - Party - Degree
Immagine Tipologia di cucina: Open Bar
Immagine Servizio: Plastic

Contacts & Info

  • Tel: 392 50 70 311
  • Piazza Roma - Biancavilla (CT)
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Are you planning an exclusive event and want to give your guests an unforgettable experience? Our open bar service for private events is what's right for you. From the finest cocktails to timeless classics, Alberto and Irene will create extraordinary drinks that will satisfy every taste. Let our team guide you through a journey of flavors, transforming your event into a moment of taste and fun.

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