Venerdì Random

Random Friday

Discover the unexpected every Friday at BB King during "Random Fridays"! Starting from 10pm, immerse yourself in a surprise evening where fun has no rules and music follows the heartbeat of the city. The energy and enthusiasm grows as the type of evening is chosen just a few hours before, giving you a fresh and unique experience with each edition.

Whether it's a wild party, a retro evening or a musical marathon, "Friday Random" will always surprise you. Prepare yourself and your friends for an unpredictable and exciting musical journey, where notes and rhythms intertwine with the magic of improvisation.

Every "Random Friday" is an opportunity to explore new musical genres, dance without inhibitions and socialize in a lively and welcoming atmosphere. It doesn't matter what the theme is, what matters is your presence and the desire to experience an unforgettable night.

Don't miss the chance to find out what "Random Friday" has in store for BB King this week. Fill your evening with surprises and good music! We await you with open arms for an incredible night that will remain in your memories for a long time.

Book your table by contacting the restaurant directly on +39 349 402 7616

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